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Let yourself go and forgive others

Let yourself go and forgive others
Every day in our lives, a lot of things happen to us and around us.
There are good things like someone giving us a ride or paying our bus fare or surprising us with a gift. And there are bad things like someone hurting us or cheating us.
We also meet different kinds of people; good people, bad people; kind people and wicked people; friendly people and unfriendly people.
But everything that happens to us in life happens for a reason, and eventually they will all becomes memories that we keep to tell our children and grandchildren, and everyone else who is interested in listening.
Every time these things happen to us, especially the bad things, you need to learn to let go and forgive. A lot of times it does not make sense to forgive someone that hurts you, but this is the best way you can be at peace with yourself and with others.
If you continue to be angry at people for every bad thing they do to you, you will end up hurting yourself even more than they could ever hurt you.
It may be hard, but you will feel a lot better when you learn to forgive others and more importantly, forgive yourself.
So, every time something bad happens to you, remind yourself that nobody has the power to take away your peace and your joy. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and smile. You will be alright. And this will soon be just another memory.


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