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Why Do I Miss Him When He Hurt Me

Learn why you still love him after he hurts you

There are two different possibilities:

You believe you deserve this love

After quite a while, it’s easy to start feeling like you belong there. If enough time has passed, even the captured soldiers, prisoners and hostages begin to have an affection for the captives.

This is called the Stockholm Syndrome.

As you go through the cycle of abuse, your confidence and self-esteem will slowly disappear until you feel that you are not worthy of a positive relationship or fairytale love.

Why Do I Miss Him When He Hurt Me

Do you think you can change them

Most women have a habit of working in progress. We found a marginal person. We saw their potential and fell in love with their potential.

The problem is that not everyone wants to change. In fact, most people hate changing themselves.

Trying to change a person who is not interested in change will only breed anger, disappointment and resentment.

In addition to all this, your man may start hiding things from you to make you happy and stop you from getting angry with him. This will lead to the loss of trust needed in the relationship.

You are afraid to admit that you failed

When you spend a lot of time and energy on something, it’s hard to admit that it failed. Whether it’s school, new work, training or relationships, failure is an intolerable problem.

But spending a lot of time on something doesn’t mean it’s right. Just because you work on something doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you.

Failure is the way we learn. Clarify what’s wrong with the relationship and use that information to build better relationships in the future.

How did I end up in this situation?

But the question remains, why do we end up with this situation? I mean, when we find ourselves hurt, we all ask ourselves “why do you want me?”

It is clear that true love exists and it is possible to acquire it. So how did this happen?

Why do you end up being treated badly or like property?

Why aren’t you respected?

Men usually treat women in a way that reflects how they treat themselves. Think about when you started talking to this person, or when you noticed that things were getting worse.

Do you live your life in a way that demands respect, or do you choose yourself?

When he asked you to get fired, did you stay at home all night and text him (or keep texting), or go out with others to show him you don’t need him?

Have you always been the one who initiated the connection and asked to hang out, or let him do it himself?

Men like chasing. This not only makes him interesting about the beginning of a relationship, but also sets you apart from other women.

Let’s look at other things women do that may reduce your value. I asked my current boyfriend what type of things a man would lead to when a relationship started, and this was his thought:

Too convenient; texting multiple times without responding

Too “easy”; sexualize yourself

First date was too drunk; using the payment he provided

Be jealous before promising each other

Too much investment to talk about yourself

Too quiet or spend the entire date on your phone

It’s important to note that everyone is different and they all have different values. For most people, though, the list is fairly standard.

what can I do?

Don’t be afraid; in general, there are things you can do to make yourself more attractive to newbies and even ex-men.

After breaking up, it is difficult to feel that you deserve respect, or even to respect yourself. Just being addicted to these feelings is tempting. However, this is not the way to get back the experts and it is very unhealthy to stay in this mindset.

So it seems difficult, let’s see what you can do to turn things around:

Make a first impression … maybe again

Character and personality

Intelligence and kindness

Keep calm

Way of communication

body language

Use a calm voice

Self respect

Knowing yourself

Forgive yourself

Don’t compare yourself to others

Take away


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